What to Do in Hawaii for Adults

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Hawaii is, undoubtedly, a prime leisure stop, a tropical site for lying on the beach and drinking umbrella beverages. It has also established itself as an excellent setting for family entertainment. Yet, it also offers loads of things for adults who wish to come in contact with something novel and unique, and we present five such options below.

1. Visit the Pearl Harbor National Memorial

Found at 1 Arizona Memorial Pl in Honolulu, this national memorial is a part of the US National Park System on the island of Oahu. It spans an area of twenty-one acres, commemorating the disastrous 1941 surprise aerial attack on America’s massive WW II naval base in which more than twenty-four hundred people got killed.

The USS Arizona Memorial is one of the most impressive sights of the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, built in 1962, accessible only by boat, and visited by over two million people annually. Other areas of this park worth exploring are the USS Bowfin Museum, the petty officer bungalows on Ford Island, the USS Missouri Memorial, Battleship Row, and the Aviation Museum. These places offer a wealth of historical info about the Pearl Harbor attack, referred to by the Japanese military as Operation AI and Hawaii Operation. They are a must-see for history buffs.

2. Dance at The District

Hawaii is one of the top US resort destinations. However, unlike other similar spots throughout the nation where people go to relax and get entertained, you won’t find casinos or even access to online casinos in Hawaii. That said, the islands have no shortage of fancy nightclubs. These include famed venues such as the Scarlet Bar and Dance Club, Addiction Nightclub, The Republik, and the Manifest. Yet, the most renowned night-time Hawaii venue is The District Nightclub, a super popular locale in Honolulu, a few minutes from Waikiki, across from Ala Moana Center, on 1349 Kapiolani Street.

The District boasts a twenty-three-foot stage, four private karaoke rooms, twenty VIP tables, and a club section within the club itself. Naturally, it has loads of space for patrons to go wild by dancing and enjoying stunning cocktails. Artists like Nelly, Steve Aoki, The Chainsmokers, R-City, and Four Color Zack performed in the district. On Thursdays, this venue organizes Salsa lessons for lovers of Latin dance, adding another layer of variety to the different kinds of fun one can experience at this club.

3. Enjoy a Helicopter Tour

Hawaii ranks on all lists as one of the top five most beautiful places in the US, nature-wise. And taking a helicopter tour around its most jaw-droppingly stunning spots is a unique and exhilarating way to experience these sets of islands. We say that because they feature lush valleys, cascading waterfalls, volcanic landscapes, the likes you will not find elsewhere. Moreover, taking these in from a bird’s eye perspective delivers an entirely new level of enjoyment, permitting you to appreciate the grandeur of these natural wonders.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of these tours is that they can be costly, with most listing price tags that hover in the mid-$300 range for a forty-five to sixty-minute trip. Still, these tours are well worth it, as they provide an opportunity to discover hidden gems that may be a major highlight of your trip to Hawaii. Blue Hawaiian is a much-respected helicopter tour business with Airbus EC130 Eco-Star and Airbus AS350 A-Star choppers, with expansive glass for exceptional visibility and individual seating for comfort. Other quality picks are Honolulu Helicopter Tours and Paradise Helicopter.

4. Dine at nyloS

While Hawii’s beaches are the island’s main attraction, everyone looking to visit this slice of the US needs to know that it has a vibrant food scene, supplying a fusion of tradition and innovation. From the streets of Oahu to the tranquil shores of the Big Island, one can go on various culinary adventures in Hawaii, which has emerged as a gastronomic hotspot, boasting diverse flavors reflective of its multicultural population. The dishes here range from the finest line-caught fish with local spices to delicious desserts like chocolate haupia cream pies.

Located in Paia, Maui, at 115 Baldwin Ave, nyloS is a romantic restaurant that carries a rep as a highly recommended fine dining locale. It has a warmly lit, intimate setting eatery offering seasonal, French-American, and International cuisines, plus a wine-tasting menu. The dress code here is Business Casual, and the executive chef is Jeremy Solyon, with multi-meal courses ranging between $230 and $300 per person. That figure does not include gratuity and tax or any extra drinks.

5. Go Whale Watching

Whale-watching is an unforgettable experience, allowing people to observe one of nature’s most glorious spectacles, watching massive and majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Those unfamiliar with Hawaii are unlikely to know that humpback whales, or kohola, love the shallow/warm waters around the Hawaiian Islands. The best location to catch these marvelous creatures is on the channel between Maui, Molokaʻi, and Lānaʻi. Other decent spots are the southern shores of Oʻahu and Poʻipū Beach on the South Shore.

Quality-reviewed companies providing Up-close encounters with marine life include Captain Zodiac, Hawaiian Adventures Kona, Wild Side Specialty Tours, and Ocean Adventures Hawaii. The costs of the services these agencies supply are usually in the $50 to $100 range per individual.

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