Ute Single or Dual-cab Canopy and Tray Design Options and Considerations

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The ute brands of Toyota, Ford, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Volkswagen trade places within the top five of any given Design categories. How you intend to use one of these fine vehicles will steer your choice, as each has its area of expertise.

The dual-cab design is an industry favourite across all brands. The spacious cab interior comfortably holds a growing family or group of friends. Bed or tray space and capacity are sacrificed by extended cabs. The centre of gravity for all cargo is shifted back. This is an important factor when adding any of the heaps of tray and canopy options for your trade or outdoor enjoyment.

Honestly, the diversity of options is somewhat overwhelming. Whether you want a Hilux adventure camper, Ford Ranger canopy, Isuzu tradesmen kit, or a simple shell for your Amarok, the choices from preconstructed and custom fabricators will suit your every need.

A canopy can include side storage with shelving, waterproof seals, and netting to easily retain your groceries, tools, or fishing gear for quick access at an ergonomic height. If you want to further trick out storage cabinets, add LED lighting and a drop-down shelf.

Design a complete work site kit including a generator, compressor, mig/tig welder, waterproof tool drawers, hose & cable reels, workbench, small parts storage, or shaded workspace. Ladder racks on the side can also support lengths of pipe, timber, or tubing. Install all of this on a 4×4 chassis and you’re ready to build an off-grid home. Plug your truck in for power.

Trailblazing adventure seekers will also benefit from a purpose-designed aluminium canopy on their fourbies. The more parts, fuel, and coffee we can carry the further we can go. Add a solar system for the coldies. We can fill the boat in a lake over there.

Every truck should have a winch. They are accommodating with livestock and agriculture applications. A canopy will be in the way of bulky cargo. A flat dump tray with cab protection and drop-sides is very functional. Focus on towing capacity, hitch options, and push bars. A regular cab truck will give you more capacity.  Another useful quality is suspension travel to manoeuvre around fields and yards.

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