iTunes: Updated, Not Removed – Understanding the Modifications and Their Significance

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The legacy of iTunes is still maintained by the iTunes Store and specialized apps, even though the standalone macOS application is no longer available. To navigate the contemporary Apple media ecosystem, users must be aware of the most recent advancements and their implications. Users are able to experience each type of media more effectively thanks to the shift to specialized apps. Furthermore, users can easily share or gift music, movies, and apps to friends and family thanks to the extra convenience of digital gift cards, such as itunes gift card email delivery, which enhances the entire Apple media experience.

An Overview of Apple’s Fall

This marked the end of an era for the software that revolutionized digital music management and consumption. The choice was influenced by multiple factors:

  • Feature creep: As iTunes grew more and more feature-rich over time, it became more difficult to use and less intuitive.
  • Modifying User Preferences: A more simplified experience was provided by specialized apps for TV shows, music, and movies.
  • The emergence of streaming services has made some iTunes features, such as music management, less necessary. One example of this is Apple Music.

The New Scene: Specialized Applications Take Center Stage

Apple replaced iTunes with standalone apps designed for different kinds of media:

  • Apple Music: Songs that you have purchased from the iTunes Store, imported, or both are stored in this app, along with access to the Apple Music streaming service.
  • Apple TV: Using rentals, purchases from the iTunes Store, and streaming media from Apple TV+, this app manages your library of films and TV series..
  • Apple Podcasts: This app provides a specialized platform for podcast fans and stores your podcast downloads and subscriptions.

Getting to Know Your iTunes Library: Progress and Shift

Your library remains in iTunes, even though it is no longer a single program. During the transition, Apple automatically migrated your music, TV shows, movies, and podcasts to the relevant apps. With these apps, you can effortlessly access and manage your library.

The iTunes Store Lives On:

The iTunes Store is still accessible on iOS and macOS devices. Single tracks, albums, films, and TV series can still be purchased straight from the retailer. This enables those who would prefer to own their media rather than stream it to continue using their typical acquisition strategy.

What is New and How It Could Affect You

When it comes to functionality and user experience, the dedicated apps are regularly updated, while the iTunes application—which does not exist—receives no noteworthy updates. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Apple Music: Customized playlists and recommendations have been the main features of recent updates meant to enhance music discovery. Additionally, features like lossless audio and Dolby Atmos support enhance the listening experience for audiophiles.
  • Apple TV: New features, like multi-user profiles, enable customized watching experiences for members of the same household. Furthermore, the integration of Apple TV+ provides a smooth method of accessing premium streaming content.
  • Apple Podcasts: Updates have improved search capabilities and curated recommendations to help users find podcasts more easily. Furthermore, functions like adjustable playback speed and background playback give you more control over the listening experience.


Apple changed its approach to media management dramatically with the introduction of iTunes. While specialized apps can still access the essential features, this change suggests that the focus is on developing a more user-friendly and straightforward interface for all media types. Apart from taking advantage of the latest features offered by the specialized apps, users can continue to access their collections and purchase media via the iTunes Store.

To ensure a smooth transition to the new ecosystem, customers in the UK can still use their Apple UK gift card from u7buy to buy music, movies, and apps. Even if the days of having only one iTunes application are gone, the Apple media ecosystem has evolved into something more sophisticated and targeted.

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