How to Trade on Bybit Spot via the Cryptorobotics Crypto Platform

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Modern technologies have Bybit Spot changed the process of trading cryptocurrencies. One such technology is the use of trading robots and signals for automated trading on crypto exchanges. In this article, we will look at how to trade on Bybit Spot using the Cryptorobotics platform.

What is Bybit Spot?

Bybit Spot is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies in the spot market. Spot trading involves the direct purchase and sale of assets at current market prices. Bybit provides users with a user-friendly interface, high liquidity, and a wide selection of trading pairs.

What is Cryptorobotics?

Cryptorobotics is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies, offering a wide range of tools for automating and optimizing trading processes. The platform provides traders with algorithmic solutions that automate trading strategies, minimize risks, and enhance trading efficiency.

As an official partner of the Bybit exchange, Cryptorobotics guarantees the reliability and efficiency of its solutions. All Cryptorobotics tools are integrated with Bybit, allowing traders to use advanced algorithms and automation to trade on the exchange. This includes trading robots, smart orders, crypto signals, and auto-following features, which significantly improve trading results.

Cryptorobotics also offers a user-friendly interface and analytics, helping traders make informed decisions and stay up-to-date with market trends. The platform supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, giving users flexibility and diversity in trading instruments.

Cryptorobotics Features for Trading on Bybit Spot Trading Robots

As mentioned earlier, Cryptorobotics offers various trading robots for automated trading on Bybit Spot. Let’s consider the best crypto trading bots for Bybit:

  • Trade Holder: This robot independently builds a portfolio of the most promising coins on the market, trading against the USDT stablecoin. The main task of the crypto bot is to increase the portfolio’s value by purchasing assets. Users do not need to buy a subscription to the robot; instead, they pay 15% of the profit from each successful trade.
  • Cyberbot: Trades on positive market trends, avoiding counter-trend trades. This helps reduce risks and increase the chance of profit. Users can buy a subscription for $11 or pay a percentage of each profitable trade through the profit-sharing system.
  • Optimus: This robot enters trades during flat market periods on positive price fluctuations and exits according to a set algorithm based on various oscillators and indicators. Like Cyberbot, the Optimus crypto bot can be subscribed to, or users can pay a percentage of each profitable trade.

Crypto Signals

Cryptorobotics also offers crypto signals for trading on Bybit Spot. These signals provide information about the best moments to enter and exit trades, enabling traders to make informed decisions.


Accurate trading signals from professional analysts and traders of the Cryptorobotics team for trading leading cryptocurrencies. The average monthly profit is 10.07%, with 806 successful signals. These signals help traders make informed decisions and trade effectively in the cryptocurrency market.

CryptoLeks Signals

This service provides profitable trading signals for top altcoins. These signals are developed by a team of experienced analysts and traders who meticulously analyze the market to determine the best moments to buy and sell. The average monthly profit is 5.93%, with 685 successful signals. By using CryptoLeks signals, traders can improve their trading results and enhance their strategies while minimizing risks and maximizing profits.

Bitmind Signals

This service offers trading signals for short-term, medium-term, and long-term trades on the most volatile cryptocurrency pairs. These signals are created by a team of experts who analyze market trends and volatility to suggest the most advantageous moments for entering and exiting trades. The average monthly profit is 11.01%, with 393 successful signals. Bitmind Signals enable traders to effectively manage their investments by adapting their strategies to current market conditions and maximizing profits.

AI Alpha

These cryptocurrency signals are based on trading strategies developed by a professional team of Quantum Engineers. These strategies utilize advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze market data and predict optimal entry and exit points. With a deep data analysis approach, AI Alpha achieves impressive results. The average monthly profit is 95.8%, with 28,299 successful signals. These strategies allow traders to significantly increase their profits by minimizing risks and fully utilizing market opportunities.


This service provides trading signals only for the best cryptocurrencies, selected based on thorough and quality analysis. A team of professional analysts conducts comprehensive market data, fundamental, and technical factor analysis to select the most promising coins for trading. The average monthly profit is 18.95%, with 444 successful signals. Using E-Trade signals, traders can increase their profitability by accessing high-quality analytics and recommendations for optimal market entry and exit points.

AI Alpha Turbo

This is an advanced set of trading strategies developed by a professional team of Quantum Engineers. These strategies use artificial intelligence algorithms to conduct detailed market analysis and find the best trading opportunities. Thanks to high levels of automation and accuracy, AI Alpha Turbo allows traders to respond to market changes and optimize their trading results effectively. The average monthly profit is 15.56%, with 13,527 successful signals. These strategies help traders significantly improve their profitability by minimizing risks and maximizing potential returns.


This service provides trading signals based on a mixed strategy, including short-term and medium-term trades using leverage from 3x to 20x. This strategy allows traders to benefit from both small and significant price fluctuations in the market. A team of professional analysts meticulously analyzes market data to suggest optimal entry and exit points from trades. The average monthly profit is 49.58%, with 173 successful signals out of 252. By using Cryptosegnali signals, traders can significantly increase their profitability, effectively managing risks and maximizing market opportunities.


Cryptorobotics also provides an auto-follow feature for trading on Bybit Spot. This allows users to automatically follow the signals and trades of professional analysts, utilizing their strategies. The screenshots display the following analysts and their results:

Trading Service Results


Service Average Monthly Profit (%) Successful Trades
CryptoLeks 3.37 1006
Cryptorobotics 6.29 1162
Jerry McLaren 7.26 467
AI Alpha 92.19 27346
AI Alpha Turbo 14.41 12736

Manual Trading on Bybit Spot through Cryptorobotics

Besides algorithmic trading tools, professional traders also have access to all the necessary tools for manual trading. For manual trading on Bybit Spot, the Cryptorobotics platform provides the following tools: Ladder Smart Orders, Smart Orders (stop loss, take profit, trailing), a trading chart, and alerts. Here is a brief description of them:

Ladder Smart Orders

Ladder Smart Orders allow a large order to be broken down into several smaller orders at different price levels. This enables setting different volumes for each price level, which helps minimize market impact and improve execution. This approach is convenient for implementing complex trading strategies where gradual buying or selling of an asset at various prices is crucial.

Smart Orders (Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing)

Smart Orders include stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop options. A stop loss sets a level at which the asset will be automatically sold to limit losses. Take profit sets a level at which the asset will be automatically sold to secure profits. Trailing can be adjusted to stop loss or take profit. A trailing take profit is an order that automatically adjusts the profit fixation level as the price of the asset rises. It allows maximizing profits by following the price movement upwards and securing profits when the price turns around and reaches a set level. A trailing stop dynamically moves the stop loss level following the rising price, protecting profits.

Trading Chart

An interactive trading chart provides visualization of current and historical price data. It includes the ability to use various technical indicators (moving averages, RSI, MACD, and others) and analysis tools such as trend lines and support and resistance levels, allowing traders to analyze the market and develop their trading strategies effectively.


Alerts allow setting up notifications for reaching certain price levels, receiving order execution notifications, and significant changes in market conditions. This helps traders stay informed about market events and respond promptly to changes.

How to Trade on Bybit Spot through Cryptorobotics

  1. Visit the official Cryptorobotics website.
  2. Click on the “Register” or “Trade” button.
  3. Fill in the necessary fields: email and password.
  4. Confirm your email.
  5. Create an account on Bybit.
  6. Go to the Bybit website and register if you do not already have an account.
  7. Fill in the necessary fields and confirm your email.
  8. Next, create an API key on Bybit.
  9. Log in to your account on Bybit.
  10. Go to the “API Management” section.
  11. Create a new API key with trading permissions.
  12. Copy the created API keys (key and secret key).
  13. Connect Bybit to Cryptorobotics.
  14. Log in to your account on Cryptorobotics.
  15. Go to the “Exchanges” section.
  16. Select Bybit from the list of available exchanges.
  17. Enter the API keys you created on Bybit.
  18. Save the changes.
  19. Set up trading tools: cryptobots, auto-following, crypto signals, or choose manual trading.
  20. Start trading cryptocurrencies.


Using Cryptorobotics tools for trading on Bybit Spot provides traders with advanced features for automating and optimizing trading strategies. By following the steps described above, you can easily start trading and improve your results in the cryptocurrency market.

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