Best Platform to Do Part-Time Micro Jobs for Quick Earning

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There are many Micro Jobs platforms online in which you can make earnings part-time. But many of those won’t provide you with quick learning and can take up to months. However, some platforms are based on micro-jobs that can provide you with quick earnings, if you utilize them. Some good examples would be Picoworkers and Microworkers, they are great for making extra cash on the side by completing small tasks.

4 Best Platforms for Micro Jobs


Picoworkers micro jobs platform is made especially for small tasks. Business owners, marketers, researchers, etc use Picoworkers to get their jobs completed in bulk. The micro-jobs on Picoworkers can lead from social media posts, writing reviews, installing an application to many other things. 

Most of the tasks Picoworkers only take a couple of minutes to complete, and the payment is added to your account after you submit your work and it has been approved by the employer. Since Picoworkers is specialty a marketplace for micro jobs, it is the best platform to make a quick and easy income on the side. 


Fiverr can be a great platform if you have a strategy and take advantage of its features. Fiverr can be a bit tricky to start on, but you simply create gigs on skills that you can offer and set prices. You can offer any skill on Fiverr, whether it’s SEO-related, designing, writing, marketing or some small skill. 

Though with Fiverr, you can’t work on your own time, since you can receive an order at any money, plus the job can take up to days to complete. While Fiverr pays well, its not as efficient, however, you can still create gigs on Fiverr while you work on other platforms. 


Upwork is more of a professional platform, where you can apply for jobs with your proposal. If you can invest a bit then Upwork might be a good option for you, but Upwork is more of a platform where you are in for a long term while still working from home. 


On micro workers, employers come and post a job which is then completed by workers. This platform is similar to Picowrokers and has the overall same base. Like Picoworkers, you can also complete small tasks on microworkers that take only a couple of minutes. While both agendas is the same, micro workers can be a bit of a hassle to handle because it’s not optimized well, overall it is still a great platform to earn some extra cash on the side. 

How do You Get Paid on Micro-Job Sites?

Getting paid on most micro-jobs sites is not a big deal, since they are very reputable websites, and payment methods that they can offer you include: 

  • PayPal
  • Direct bank transfers
  • Online payments
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Stripe 

Note: While withdrawing money on platforms there may be some sort of fee, and it can be different for every payment method.


Micro-jobs offer many opportunities for everyone to earn income in their spare time, whether you are already a freelancer, student, or just someone looking to make an income. You can complete micro-jobs on various platforms, but Picoworkes and Microworkers are some of the best ones along with Fiverr and Upwork. These platforms give you a way to utilize your spare time and earn some extra cash.


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