7 promotions tips for your small business this Small Business Saturday

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Small Business Saturday is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect opportunity to market your business. This November 25, small businesses will enjoy the spotlight. This has been going on since 2010, and has proven to be good for small businesses to grow. 

It takes place right in the holiday season, when people shop the most. So, you need to maximize this opportunity and make full use of Small Business Saturday. Marketing is the most important tool in your toolkit, so you should go full steam ahead across all your platforms. Here are a few promotion tips to market your small business this Small Business Saturday. 

Create attractive promotional materials

The first thing you should do is have all your materials in place. Use the small business templates on PosterMyWall to make your social media posts, website banners, email campaigns, posters, flyers, and much more. This will keep you ready to go as soon as the time rolls around. 

These designs should be eye-catching and also highlight the fact that you are a small business. So, don’t make them look too polished or corporate. Add the right amount of personality and down-to-earth feel to appeal to your customers. 

Share the history of your small business

Commemorate your small business by sharing its history in your promotion campaigns. Start with who you are, how you started your business, and how it has grown over the years. Complement this story with a number of pictures and materials from your history. 

You can even create a timeline showing your progress over the years. This will serve as a great visualization of your small business’s progress. This will fit in with the spirit of Small Business Saturday, and will warm your heart as well to see how far you’ve come. 

Host a competition or raffle

Celebrate your progress with a small competition or raffle. Give customers a raffle ticket with each purchase, with the chance to win a fun prize. This can be a gift basket of your products, a gift card, or free services from your business. 

Make this into a whole event, complete with small games and refreshments. This will make people get into the spirit of things and drive home your involvement with the community. Promote this raffle with posters and flyers, and also share it across your online platforms. 

Partner with other small businesses

Get into the supportive spirit of Small Business Saturday and uplift other small businesses. Do your research into which businesses offer complementary or similar products or services as you. Then, partner with them to sell special bundles or hold promotional events. You can even work with small caterers to offer refreshments at your events. 

You can even host a small business bazaar by having a number of small businesses in the area rent out a shared space and set up stalls. This will be a great place for people to visit and enjoy as well, so you’re all sure to get customers and exposure. 

Offer special deals and discounts

The holiday season is full of attractive deals and discounts. So, you should also offer a few deals and discounts on selected products. You can also bundle up some of your products and services and sell them at an appealing price. 

Market these offers on all your platforms as Small Business Saturday deals. Make sure you offer these for a limited time, so that people are tempted by a sense of urgency. Also offer gift packages so that people can get their gifting needs out of the way for the holidays using your products. 

Reward your frequent customers

Make your frequent customers part of the celebration. Reward them with appreciation posts, small gifts, and shoutouts. This will push the community feeling of Small Business Saturday and encourage people to buy more from you. 

Your repeat customers will also feel highly appreciated, and will be more likely to continue their great relationship with you. You can even share a throwback to your first customer ever to highlight your history, and see how far you’ve come. 

Create commemorative product or packaging

Make a few tweaks to your packaging or product, or come up with a special edition for Small Business Saturday. For example, if you sell scented candles, you can come up with some limited edition scents for this occasion. Sell these as limited availability products, so people are likely to buy them. 

Refer to your company’s history, your personal history as a business owner, and highlight the small business community with the messaging behind these products. This will help you commemorate the day, as well as offer a piece of history to your customers. 

Small Business Saturday is one of the best opportunities for small businesses to maximize their sales and get the spotlight. So, make the best use out of it, with a number of promotion ideas, like the ones shared above. 

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